The Atlanta Branch - Sifu Peter Goulbourne
The Atlanta branch is a member of a larger international Chinese Kung Fu Federation.  Our
federation was created by and is led by Sifu Henry "Poo" Yee.  The school in Atlanta has provided
continous public instruction since 1997.  
 Sifu Goulbourne leads the branch and began his studies
under Sifu Yee in 1991 here in Atlanta.
A Snapshot on Sifu Goulbourne
Who We Are
The Atlanta branch follows the teaching cirriculum set forth by Sifu Yee, our Federation Director.  
Sifu Goulbourne's teaching style encourages exploration, lots of practice and also requires patience
from each student. Many things are taught in our traditional classes, what you practice in and out of
class you keep through your hard work and dedication.  In our classes you will sweat a lot and laugh
a lot (after class).
The things loved most about system and federation?
  1. The learning never stops
  2. The sense of brotherhood
  3. The mutual respect and appreciation of cultural differences
  4. External force, driven by internal energies ... our Chi Kung
  5. The surprising correlation between our principles and things seemingly unconnected
  6. A greater appreciation for life
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Atlanta Branch School